Norsk Tipping  –  excitement, joy and benefit


    We give the dream a chance, both for our players and our beneficiaries. Every year gaming funds benefit sporting and cultural activities as well as voluntary humanitarian organisations all over the country.

    Norsk Tipping is a wholly state-owned company under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture and Church affairs. Broad political agreement prevails in Norway that money games must be regulated to prevent undesirable playing behaviour.

    Channelling people’s gaming activity to Norsk Tipping’s products in an ever -  tougher market for money games is a key element in Norwegian gaming policy. This provides good official control and guarantees that revenues from money games benefit society. Since 1948 Norsk Tipping has contributed almost NOK 85 billion (price-adjusted) to the benefit of good causes in society –to the joy of millions of Norwegians. Responsible and attractive games will continue to secure more billions of kroner for sports, culture and voluntary organisations. 


    Values – social responsibility and ethical guidelines


    Norsk Tipping has a dual paramount assignment:


    • The company shall contribute to stable and long term financing of good causes beneficial to society within culture and sports, and at the same time act as the government’s instrument to ensure that games are played within controlled and socially responsible limits.
    • Norsk Tipping has a dual paramount assignment. Norsk Tipping’s assignment requires that we manage to balance the consideration of possible social implications against the need to secure stable revenues.

    Demands and expectations on Norsk Tipping practicing social responsibility are increasing. Different groups, organisations, pressure groups, media and authorities have high expectations to the company is operated, and its influence on society. Our wish to contribute to a positive development of society in general and the games market in particular, is the starting point of our commitment within social responsibility which is integrated in our operations.


    Our plans and efforts towards a constantly wider approach to social responsibility will form the basis of our work in this area  –  as well as in our future reporting.


    Social responsibility

    There is no precise definition of social responsibility. Our approach is a clearly expressed commitment namely, “running our operations in a manner that meets environmental, ethical, commercial, legal and social expectations from society.”


    Social responsibility is more than a series of occasional good actions. It is the total amount of systematic and long term work based on a superior idea - to give a positive contribution to society.


    Expectations and demands from our surroundings prescribe how we exercise and assess our own operations. The starting point is to comply with laws, regulations and concessionary conditions.  But, as expectations from our surroundings sometimes go beyond the formal requirements set by laws and regulations, our commitment involves that we stretch beyond the statutory requirements in order to meet expectations towards us.


    Ever since the beginning in 1948, responsibility has been Norsk Tipping’s foundation, and today we have more than 50 years of established responsible practice. Much in form of different formal agreements, whereas other circumstances simply have become a daily routine.  Both society and Norsk Tipping however, is developing rapidly. This increases the need to formalise and clarify which ethical principles should form the basis of our operations. 

    The table below shows a summary of Norsk Tipping’s key figures over the last five years. Percentages are related to games revenue. All figures in NOK mill.


    Key Figures






    Games revenue

    10 578

    10 388

    9 619

    9 203

    9 617


    5 615

    5 510

    5 101

    4 829

    5 010

    Prizes ratio%

    53,1 %

    53,0 %

    53,0 %

    52,5 %

    52,1 %

    Game commissions






    Game Commissions %

    6,7 %

    6,9 %

    7,0 %

    7,2 %

    7,3 %







    Operating profit

    2 991

    2 973

    2 742

    2 682

    2 713

    Operating margin%

    28,3 %

    28,6 %

    28,5 %

    29,1 %

    28,2 %







    Net Profit

    3 175

    3 100

    2 838

    2 732

    2 754

    Profit Margin%

    30,0 %

    29,8 %

    29,5 %

    29,7 %

    28,6 %














    4 038

    3 973

    3 975

    3 954

    3 847


    4 590

    4 501

    4 501

    4 470

    4 364