Safe and secure gaming

Gaming should be a source of excitement and enjoyment. You can enjoy safe and secure gaming by following these guidelines and using the tools we provide.

Gaming guidelines

We recommend that you follow these guidelines when you play so that you will be aware of, and able to control, your gaming habits.

  1. Decide in advance how much you can afford to lose
  2. Decide in advance how much time you can spend gaming
  3. Do not spend more than you feel you are comfortable with telling your family or friends
  4. Never believe that you can win back your losses
  5. All winnings from gaming are always more or less entirely the result of chance and pure luck
  6. Never borrow money for gaming

Gaming is for adults

You must be 18 years of age to play games offered by Norsk Tipping. Research shows that the younger you are when you start gaming, the greater the risk of developing gaming problems. Young people's brains are not fully developed, and children and young people are thus not able to assess risk as well as adults.


Awareness and self-control

We offer ways to help you be aware of, and control, your gaming habits.

Gaming limits

Gaming limits help you to stop spending more time and money than you have decided in advance.

Research shows that gaming limits make you aware of your gaming habits and promote self-control. Some games have features that provide a higher risk to players of developing problems than others. Examples include casino games, where you can play repeatedly over a short period.

Norsk Tipping has defined a global limit that restricts the amount of money you can lose playing our games during the course of a day or month. The global limit includes all registered gaming with Norsk Tipping, regardless of whether you play online or at a sales agent.

Some games have features that provide a higher risk to players of developing problems than others. If you want to play these types of games with Norsk Tipping you first have to set a gaming limit.

We also offer sub limits that restrict how much of the global limit you can spend on the games Belago, Multix, and the games KongKasino, Flax and Bingoria.

Both the global limit and sub-limits carry maximum amounts that are defined in our Gaming Regulations.

Your “time limit” restricts the amount of time you can spend playing a given game.

If you lower a limit, the new limit will come into force immediately. If you raise a limit, the new limit will only come into force after a waiting period.


Playscan is a system that monitors your gaming habits. If your gaming behaviour changes such that your risk of developing problems is increasing, you will receive a notification.

Playscan will send you regular feedback.

  • Green light: Your gaming habits are stable and present a low risk.
  • Amber light: Your gaming habits are becoming risky.
  • Red light: A notification that you are at risk of developing, or have already developed, gaming problems.

Playscan also provides you with tips on how you can change your gaming behaviour so that you can avoid being dragged into unhealthy habits and put at risk of developing problems.

Gaming breaks and exclusion

From time to time you may feel you need to take a break from gaming or block your access to gaming entirely (exclusion).

It is easy to take a break from gaming or block your access to individual games. You can take a break from gaming for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 180 days. You will be denied access to your selected games during the break period. You can extend the duration of a break period during an existing break. When the break period expires, you can resume gaming.

You can also block your access to gaming entirely (exclusion). Such blocking is permanent, and you will always be denied access to the game or games that you have selected to block.

You can take a break from, or block access to, all games, a selected group of games, or an individual game.

Your gaming overview

Your gaming overview provides you with a summary of how much money you have spent at any given time.

Your gaming overview shows your net spending on gaming. The net spending figure represents the amount of money you have spent after your winnings have been subtracted.

  • If your winnings have been greater than your stakes, a positive amount will be displayed.
  • If your winnings are less than your stakes, you will see a negative amount.

You can view your net spending online or on your mobile phone.

  • For today
  • For this week
  • For this month

You can view a graph that provides a summary of your net spending for the last eight weeks.

You can also request a detailed report showing your stakes, winnings and net spending for the last 12 months. The report also shows you how much money you have staked on individual games. The report will be sent to your e-mail address.


Are you experiencing gaming problems?

Is your gaming behaviour out of control?

Are you losing control of your gaming habits, or do you suspect that someone close to you has developed a gaming problem?

People with gaming problems frequently hide their issues from those close to them. Common indicators of gaming problems or risky gaming behaviour may include the following:

  • You cannot stop thinking about gaming, and experience a craving for it.
  • You feel a need always to be increasing your stakes, and you play more frequently.
  • You tell lies in order to conceal how much time and money you are spending.
  • You attempt to win back the money you have lost.
  • You believe that it’s just a question of not giving up, and not letting the chance slip away.
  • You juggle your finances and stake money that you should really be spending on other things. Perhaps you have borrowed money in order to play?

Getting help

If you have a gaming problem, or if you know someone who does, help is available. Experience shows that treating gaming problems produces good results, so seeking help is an important step on the road to a better life.

Help Line

You can call the Help Line at 800 800 40. Calls are treated anonymously and are free of charge. Here you can talk to health professionals who specialise in gaming problems about your situation. The Help Line can also offer you advice about how to seek further help. They can assist you in finding suitable services in your area. You can send an e-mail to the Help Line at

Opening hours are from 09.00 to 21.00 (Mondays to Fridays).

Your GP

If you are diagnosed with gaming problems and/or dependency, you are entitled to treatment. Your GP can help you and refer you for treatment. Someone with a gaming dependency may also develop other conditions as a result of the problem, such as anxiety or depression, which should also be treated. Your GP will also be able to help you here.

Distance treatment online

The Norwegian health service offers distance treatment for gaming problems via the internet. This involves a series of tasks carried out online, combined with weekly telephone consultations with a therapist. Treatment takes place over a three-month period, requires no referral from your GP and is free of charge.

The organisation “Spillavhengighet-Norge

Spillavhengighet-Norge is an aid network organisation that focuses on providing help to persons with gaming problems, and their next of kin. Spillavhengighet-Norge offers network discussion groups in the major Norwegian cities, as well as a help line (477 00 200), which you can call on Mondays to Thursdays from 10.00 to 14.00.


NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) offers advice to people in debt. You can obtain help to discuss your situation by calling 800 45 353. Calls will be treated anonymously.  You can also contact your local NAV office and arrange an appointment with a debt consultant. Read more at